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Data Analytics

Business Intelligence

Be it web, social media, device/sensor or sub-transactional, each year organizations capture exponentially more data. Our big data services help you extend your data warehouse architecture to derive intelligence from the integration of "big" transactional and master data. We can help you design and implement an end-to-end data architecture that leverages Hadoop, NoSQL, high performance analytical databases, and RDBMS-driven data warehouses and marts. Nuanza supports your data science and analytics initiative by bringing resources to make your data science vision a reality. We take our intimate knowledge of data management and mix in the statistical skills you need. We approach data science in a unique, pragamatic way. Taking our BI heritage and mixing it with modern statistical techniques, you wind up with an approach that's ready to work. We can show you how to follow the steps to make your data science initiative one that will last.

Get some expert help and start your BI initiative moving in the right direction. Whether you are looking for a pilot data mart implementation, in-depth expertise in Pentaho - a leading BI platform - or a full range of implementation services in a number of leading platforms and technologies, we have it covered.

Beyond the classic BI infrastructures with relational databases at their core, we have expertise in the architecture and integration of the Hadoop ecosystem that includes pure Apache, Cloudera, Hortonworks and MapR. OpenBI is also an expert in the integration of NoSQL databases, like HBase, Cassandra and MongoDB that enable the real-time access and updating of big data, but have limited support for analytic reporting. And our team builds complete big data architectures including the new class of high performance analytic databases like VectorWise, Netezza, Vertica and Greenplum.